Services-K2 Technology

IT Services

K2 Technology are specialists in Information Technology. We offer prompt telephonic response, with immediate support available form our high level technicians as networking is vital to your company. If there is no communication there is no information. A company would not survive with those two hand-in-hand. Our services are very professional regarding any type of computer or network related issues. From minor issues like not being able to print, to not receiving e-mails, right through to your companies network not being available.


Our Services include the following:

  • ICT Training
  • ICT Consultancy
  • Hardware Installation & Maintanance
  • Website Design & Development
  • Domain Registration & Hosting
  • Software Development
  • Graphics Design & Printing
  • Multimedia Development
  • Supply ICT Equipments
  • Digital Marketing


Networking offer the following advantages:

  • Quick communication method to employees
  • Cost effective - Only one printer in the office is printing the work
  • Saves time as you dont print off one computer
  • Creates more space around the office with minimal hardware installed over the network
  • Your office is tidier if a wireless network is installed
  • Communication across the network is cheap and fast
  • Networks also allow security to be established, that users may only have access to certain files