Marketing-K2 Technology

Marketing Overview

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still an integral part of any marketing campaign. The key is not to use random mail lists and spam email recipients.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile communication is the fastest growing technological sector on the continent. Utilize this technology to remain in close contact with your clients.

Social Marketing

Social Media platforms are a vital tool in brand management and engaging with your customers. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are examples of social media platforms.


An essential part of any online marketing strategy is to utilize correct Search Engine Optimisation on your website, which will convert visitors into customers.

Why Online Marketing?

  • Faster ranking in search engines
  • Helps you be visible on the overpopulated net
  • Reach your potential clients more effectively
  • Effective advertising of new products/services
  • Cost-effective
  • Target specific demographics
  • Keeping with modern day trends
  • Good feedback management